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CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A Chicago police officer said he put his training to good use when he was off-duty and came upon a fire earlier this week in the Old Town neighborhood. Officer John Hanlon, who works in the 19th District on the North Side, was running errands when he saw thick black smoke coming from an apartment building on the 500 block of West North Avenue. He saw a man punching out a small window with smoke billowing around him. The man "took a nose dive to the ground," Hanlon told WBBM, and the officer knew he needed help. The man's arm was bleeding badly and it was clearly broken. Hanlon, it turned out, had a first-aid kit in his personal car. He grabbed it and went to work, putting a tourniquet on the man's arm and applying a pressure bandage to slow the bleeding while awaiting an ambulance. He's used the medical training he receives each year on numerous occasions, "buying time," he said for people click site who have been shot, stabbed or had other traumatic injuries. Hanlon has been a CPD officer for six years.

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