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Reward playing cards are a good way to elucidate budgeting, as these all have balances. Ask youth to consider the objects they need to buy utilizing the reward card and the price of every earlier than they head to the shop. Encourage them to solely spend the precise quantity of the reward card. Subsequent, have youth brainstorm about brief, medium and long-term targets for his or her cash. What are targets that match into every of the classes? What are their final targets? Would they like to save cash for a brand new gaming system? You need to use the acronym SMART to assist them learn to set targets. SMART targets are particular, measurable, attainable, related and timed.



Vadah’s interest in music developed early in his teens with a love of writing songs and by the age of 17 he had produced an album for an artist named Roger Moore. Vadah made his way to America where he settled in N. Miami with his wife and two children. A devoted family man he loves spending time with his children playing Soccer, and watching sports of all kinds. It was in the neighborhood that Vadah met Tony Valor Sr. He describes Tony Sr. as a “special man who was kind and caring and loved my children”. As fate would have it, Vadah’s friendship with Tony Sr. would lead to a rekindling of Vadah’s love for music and he ended up recording some vocals on a track with Tony Valor Jr. The rest, as they say, is history.