A New Analysis Relating To Water Consumption


Charlene Bisson, Publisher, Independent Newsmedia If you subscribe to the Daily Independent, but do not yet have an online account, click here to create one. Click here to see your options for becoming a subscriber. Halikowski: Traffic incident management requires cooperation from everyone, all-year round Arizona Department of Transportation officials film a traffic incident management training video. [Courtesy of ADOT] You may have seen this message on our digital message boards statewide: “Fender Bender? Save your rear, Quickly clear.” It was a reminder to move your vehicle safely onto a shoulder or exit and stay out of travel lanes if involved in a minor crash. This message was part of the national effort to bring attention to the importance of traffic incident management. The web link ultimate goal is to keep everyone safe — law enforcement, tow truck operators, fire and emergency personnel, ADOT crew members and the traveling public — when responding to crashes on our roadways. Emergency responders train year after year in handling crash scenes. Even with the inability to train in-person this year due to COVID-19, our ADOT crews participated with others in a virtual training session that highlighted TIM techniques through the use of videos and staged demonstrations.